Members News

The 2017 Executive Committee is as follows:

President: John Pender
Vice President: Melody Pender
Secretary:  Michel Pelletier
Treasurer:  Bill Critchley
Past President:  Colin Denton

Executive at Large requires 5 members to serve and take up  various chair positions of the committees.

2017 Executive at Large:
Ken Pelley, Ally Tammemagi, Marian Haime

Membership: Tania Schissler, Jim Dunlop
Sports: Pamella Smith
Finance: Ken Pelley
Service Officer: John Pender
Honour and Awards: Tania Schissler
Youth Committee: Colin Denton
Zone Representatives: Ian Chuckrey; Dave Schissler
House: Ken Pelley
Grounds: John Pender
Emergency Measures: Dave Schissler
Bar Committee: John Pender
Entertainment and Events Committee: Melody Pender
Publicity & Advertising Committee: Melody Pender
Event Bookings: Ally Tammemagi

If you would like more information on any of these positions please contact Melody Pender at 250-629-6051 or

Thank you for considering being part of a important community service club!