April Activities at the Legion

Games Night is on Wednesday’s with Euchre at 6:30pm and Darts at 7pm.

Meat Draws on Thursday’s at 6pm and Saturday at 5pm.

What is a meat draw you ask?? It’s a lot of fun!! There are 3 draws, the first draw costs 50 cents a ticket, most people buy $5.00 worth. If your number is drawn you choose one of the 8 meat selections – there are multi packs (a 3 meat variety pack), assorted chicken packages, ground beef, pork chops etc, etc and sometimes they through in a Breakfast pack with 1/2 doz eggs, bacon and / or back bacon/ham or sausages! The second draw is $1.00 per ticket and you can buy tickets for either the 50/50 raffle and/or $50 Tru Value gift certificate! The last draw is another 8 or 10 meat selections. Tickets are $1.00 a piece…this is the Big one with selections of steak packs (prime rib, rib eye etc) whole chickens, sirloin roasts, pork roasts and more….not for the vegetarian in the family!! So this week and next Turkey’s will be added to the mix so come out and have some fun! PLEASE remember that all the money that is raised in these meat draws go directly to the community through community donations and bursaries. We give two $1500.00 bursaries to Pender Island students each year from this fund and other donations like Santa Sac etc. It’s a WIN WIN!! Hope to see you out!