April 25th is the Next Blues on Pender Jam Night!

April 25th jam night

This Friday is Blues on Pender jam night. Lots of tickets left for the Friday Night Supper! Dinner will be Pierre’s island famous tastily prepared for the Legi…on, “Tourtiere” We will have veggie and meat options! Pick your tickets up at the Legion lounge or at Talisman Bookstore for $16.00 each. Meal will be served at 6pm and the music starts at 7pm! Come on out and enjoy great food and fabulous music!

Dine and Dance at the Legion on April 11th

April 11th Simply delicious lasagna dinner by Dana Blume and a special music night!  We have Pender’s own Dodge Power Wagon (Tom Dodge and a small group of talented Pender musicians) and a special group of musicians from Victoria called Doctor, Doctor – you’ll never guess what their day jobs are!!!

You don’t want to miss out of this one, these two special bands play a little bit of everything; blues, swing, jazz and just to shake it up, a little bit of rock n’ roll!  Tickets will be $16.00 for this event; the bands will play from 7pm- 10pm.SKY HIGH PRODUCTIONS